My Web Page

$15 month x 3 months $45
$12 month x 6 monthsSAVE $18$72
$10 month x 12 monthsSAVE $60$120

The Extras

Domain Name$15/year$15
Web Hosting$1/month$1
Search Engine Submission$3/month$3

What Can Justuklix Do For You?

Website Building

Justuklix provides Web Design & Development services to clients across all business sectors and private sectors. We can custom design a professional template for you as well as insert the content and images.
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Corporate Social Media

Justuklix has skillful and professional designers that can make your facebook or other social media page look more sophisticated with various styles and interactive technique.

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Internet Advertising

Justuklix has advertising experts on staff to assist you in developing a first class campaign that will help you to reach out to your target audience.

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SEO & Web Statistic Analysis

Justuklix offers an effective search engine optimizing services to give your website a high ranking in major search engines as well as providing an excellent return on investment.

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